Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Elephant Ride at Amber Fort, Jaipur

The Amber Palace, around 12 km from Jaipur, is among the most famous hilltop forts in India. The 16th century fort built by Raja Man Singh is a perfect blend of Hindu and Muslim architecture.

An elephant ride to the top of this fort is one of the most popular activities in Jaipur .This is the chance to ride an elephant up to the Amber Fort like the royalty of Rajasthan once did. In Amber fort about 100 elephants were used to ride to the historic fort.Mount the animal from a raised platform and sit comfortably in a specially designed, secure seat as the majestic animal winds its way up the ramparts of the fort. The elephant is a gentle creature and the mahout (a person who drives the elephant) uses an ankush (a sharp hook used to guide a tamed elephant by prodding it on the back of its head) to guide the animal up the ramparts. The animals look beautiful as the mahouts decorate them, especially the trunk, with floral and geometric patterns using colored chalk and powders. Once guests reach the top, will enter the PALACE through the grand Singh Pol (Lion Gate) gateway and continue to Jaleb Chowk, the courtyard where you will disembark from the pachyderm

Kindly note that Dep’t of Archeology fixed the timing of Elephant Ride With the summer regulations for the use of elephants coming into force, limiting the number of rides and timing, 

According to the summer regulations an elephant could be used form 0700 Hrs till 10.00 Hrs &  Evening 1530 to 1700 Hrs from 1 APRIL  2014 to 30 APRIL 2014 and will allow ONLY 03 ROUND PER ELEPHANT & from  01 MAY 2014 TO 30 JUNE 2014 ONLY 02 ROUNDS WILL BE ALLOWED &  01 JULY 2014 TO 30 SEPT 2014 only 03 ROUND WILL BE ALLOWED and during the winter from 01 Oct  2014 to 31 March 2015  - 05 rounds will be allowed.

The summer timings will be- Morn.Timing 0700 Hrs.to 1000 Hrs and eve 1530 Hrs to 1700 Hrs.

This was decided after elaborate discussions with various government departments as using the elephants in the scorching sun is harmful to the health of the jumbos. Please note there is a maximum of two passengers allowed on an elephant at one time. Elephant ride is not permitted downhill. Furthermore, the elephant ride is subject to availability. The elephant ride service will be provided on a first come, first served basis. It has been happening very often that despite spending hours in queue for elephant ride tourists are deprived of same as the official allotted number of rotation per elephant gets exhausted. The elephant ride at Amer fort can’t be guaranteed due to this fact. We requests & suggests you that please inform  all the guests with option  Elephant Ride failing Jeep Ride  to avoid any unpleasant situation with guests and also any legal compensation of failure to provide committed services etc. Kindly note that elephant ride cannot be guaranteed under any circumstances.

Kindly note that during the Navratra Festival Elephant ride at Amber fort will be NOT available due to Heavy rush of devotees visiting at Shaila Mata Temple at Amber Palace.

Please note the dates of Navratra and EID Festival

Chatra Navratra 31 MARCH  2014 TO 09 APRIL 2014 – NO ELEPHANT  RIDE

Winter Navratra  25 SEPT 2014 TO 03 OCT 2014             NO ELEPHANT RIDE

EID FESTIVAL (Depends on Moon)   29 JULY  2014 / 05 OCT 2014 -May Not be available


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