Monday, April 15, 2013

Taj Mahal - Useful Information & tips

Taj Mahal - SH 62, Agra 282001, India
Type: Architectural Buildings, Landmarks/ Points of Interest, Monuments/ Statues
Fees: Indian (Rs.20) || Foreigners (Rs.750)
Open: 06 Am – 06 Pm all Days || Friday Closed
Owner: Renowned for its spectacular architecture and aesthetic beauty, the Taj Mahal is also a symbol of enduring love, built by Shah Jehan to house the grave of his beloved wife, Queen Mumtaz Mahal, who died following the birth of their 14th child.

“Mughal architecture at its best.”
There can be no doubt in any one’s mind after seeing Taj Mahal at Agra, that it is the most beautiful building ever constructed. This is architecture at its absolute best. The calligraphy, carvings and designs are exquisite.
We were lucky to have azure sky with almost no cloud and no haze at all. The place does tend to be quite crowded, but take your time to soak in the beauty of the place.

“breath taking & Magnificent building ”
I didn’t expect the Taj Mahal to be a highlight of a recent trip to India, it was. It is well worth seeing. I didn’t enjoy the "tour" inside; it was far more beautiful to walk around the outside and simple look at this magnificent building.

 “Awesome - “What can I say?”
Taj Mahal is definitely deserving to be called a 'wonder'. It’s a Worth place to visit.  After seeing pictures of this monument for my whole life, I was still unprepared to experience it's beauty first-hand. Yes, there were a lot of people there, but the building and outbuildings are stunning.
When you visit Taj Mahal, it is not same what you see in the photos or videos. It is a once in a life time experience which you surely would like to experience again. No camera can capture the real beauty of Taj Mahal neither can words describe the feeling what you will have when it is in front of your eyes.

I paid 750Rps to visit this wonder of the world and it is worth it. So breathtaking to admire its beauty and its surroundings. I had a sunset view. What a view, what an experience, takes your breath away.
The history surrounding it, is so sad but beautiful So peaceful, well kept, easy to get around
Not to be missed if you see nothing else you need to see this.
Taj Mahal is definitely worth seeing once. I don't believe it could be duplicated today. It is truly an architectural marvel and will not disappoint. The line to enter can look long, but they are quite efficient at moving it along.

Tip 01: If a helpful gentleman offers to show you "best" spot for a photo, he is not just being friendly and helpful! He is expecting a tip. So, if this makes you uncomfortable, politely decline the offer.
Tip 02: Good quality camera is a must
Tip 03: Go early if possible to avoid the hot part of the day, and of course don't forget it will be closed on Fridays.
Tip 04: After the tour is over, the guide will pressure you to go to the tourist type of souvenir shop that he benefits from. Maybe you want to do some shopping, but if you don't - you will have to be very firm.